Top 7 URIJI stories of 2016

Wait a second, let me sit down comfortably in my sofa, put a pleasant musical background, be quiet. Here, I am ready, my mind is available. Now I have time. Time to wander in the stories of others: time to surf on Uriji. Because Uriji Jami, this humanist network, almost utopian, where the users share […]

The product, the ‘URIJI’ mobile app

URIJI is the first mobile app dedicated exclusively to sharing our dreams and our experiences to fulfil ourselves in life. It is a tool that not only highlights our past, our achievements but also and foremost, our future, our aspirations. It is the very first time that a social network is as involved in the […]

Our vision, life is our main asset

Originally, Uriji Jami’s vision came from an observation. Or rather a frustration. In view of the low engagement generated by our posts, is it worth spending all the time we devote to social networks? I am very active on the internet. When I post an article on my Facebook page and I get three likes […]

The Garage, our starting point

Imagine, think, then gradually create and establish a start-up is a long process, that I would compare to writing an article due to my professional experience. Like a blank page, a start-up, as much as it will develop in a virtual world, does not appear by chance from anywhere. It originates in a well-defined space, […]