Coders without borders

Jun 14, 2018

My dream is to create an initiative like doctors without borders, a network of skilled programmers and volunteers willing to help the world one byte at a time.

The idea is to create a network of software developers and volunteers that will help to bring technology closer to isolated areas, create projects that will develop those areas and also help people making a difference there.

A good starting point would be to focus on medicine and education, creating software that would help to facilitate the labor of those who are on the field.

If you have any ideas or want to join this initiative feel free to comment, send a direct message or donate. Any help is welcome! Let's build a better world byte by byte!

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morlock Super cool

almost 5 years ago

gahing Gracias por tu donacion @morlock seria genial también contar con tu ayuda para los diseños

almost 5 years ago

morlock 💪🏼😎 si va

almost 5 years ago

gahing Muchas gracias por tu donación y apoyo @jeanclauteaux

almost 5 years ago

James Like global hackathon!

almost 5 years ago