How to take bold action on your business, in a matter of weeks, instead of years ─ The first ever super intensive, action-taking online workout!

Nov 01, 2019

Let's pretend we are at a TEDx talk and we're listening to a super inspiring, charismatic speaker.

He involves everyone in his talk, including yourself, makes you laugh every 5 minutes, makes you nod more than usual and you just feel like he describes YOUR exact feeling when he pauses and asks who knows this to be true, and yet never does anything about it? Raise your hand.

The speaker accepts defeat and raises his own hand - now you feel you can trust him even more.

Half the room raises their hand.

You raise your hand, too.

Then, when you leave the room, you share with others how inspiring THIS talk was, how impactful, how exciting and how you feel pumped up, motivated, inspired!

You smile inside.

You glow outside.

Then you go on with your life.

Then one month later, during a discussion, you mention this speech.
Share a great quote you noted on your smartphone.
You remember how amazing the speaker was.
You relive the feeling.
Then you notice!

You still haven't taken ANY action on THAT matter.


This happens to everyone.
It happens more often than anyone cares to notice.

I have tried to decode this attitude for years.
I applied self-monitoring first.
I kept a journal for every time I felt inspired.
Then I monitored how I forgot all about it.
Then I developed my very own set of moves and ritual for taking action, right there.

On the spot.

before anything faded out.

It became -like- my thing.

Through the years I have been silently observing thousands of touchpoints, that I have encountered in my 20+ years corporate career.

I have pushed myself to learn everything on the matter.

I systematically read books, articles, research reports, blogs, and podcasts. I tested all the online courses and apps that I found and deep dived into the free and paid material from some of the most prominent and effective psychologists, sociologists and high-performance experts.

I collected systematized and tried to modelize all the information I found.

What I have compiled does not qualify, even remotely, as an academic syllabus.

What it does, though, is that it clearly lays out distinctive patterns that seem to be the minimum common denominator that prevents us from taking action or lead us to action.

And they seem to work every time. For everyone.

So now I am working on putting together an entirely new kind of (what I call) Action-Taking Online Course that I dream will become the new industry standard.

It shall focus on: Not learning for knowing. But learning for doing.
Even better: Learning by doing.

We have a high proof that most online and even real-life training materials, courses, books and talks today often fail to lead to action.

This happens mostly because of one thing.

They don't focus on EXACTLY WHAT is expected to be done afterwards.

They share information (often in a top-down manner), strategies, and tactics, but do not link them to a specific business objective (or other outcomes) ─ so they lack a frame of reference which is why they give you nothing on the HOW.

On top of this I have sadly confirmed an underlying, but eye-opening truth:

Most people seem to be much more interested in collecting tips and tricks, hacks and ideas, than actually doing anything with them!

It makes them connect better with others.

They can share quotes and tips on social media and be liked.

Learning anything though ends up a knowledge waste when it is NOT implemented.

We should seek to learn something when we want to GET SOMETHING DONE!

Most importantly before learning anything, we could learn to ask a simple question: What's the current issue I'm trying to resolve through my learning?

It will be a completely different approach to learning, taking actions and getting to the results we're after.

I have been experimenting for a long time with the idea of having a guided course that is as intense as a body work-out; like a guided session at the gym or yoga practice ─ only it would be for taking action on your business. Action-taking is a muscle.
It needs exercise.
Not later, but there, on the spot.

So the concept is to create a super intensive, action-packed, pre-recorded online course specifically designed to accompany you throughout your entire trip from the moment you ‘take-off’ building an online business (or any other project you dream of) until you successfully complete a 6-week path that gets you to your clearly defined business goals.

Instead of disconnected tactics, ideas and advice, what you get inside this action-taking course is the glue to keep everything together.

This is the best way I can describe this experience I am currently trying to create:

More personalized than any online lecture-based course or “how-to” video, more customized to your real-life circumstances; and time-tested and proven to work ─every time.

If you've made it so far, I'd love your first, unfiltered, reaction.
Anything. :-)
Oh and once I craft it all up - you'll be the first to know!
Let's do this.

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