declutter mind and start fresh

Jan 25, 2019

Change is necessary. It’s time I think I must change. I think I need to dive deep to know what more can I be. I know I am missing to be free and creative. I need my space to revive some dead dreams and take some time to declutter and start fresh. I could have been much more than what I am and stress won’t take me anywhere. Hence time to break free and relax. Do what I really want to do, irrespective of my commitments and work pressure. Like happiness is a choice “do what you love” is a choice too. Drifting away from my long lost dreams and adopting new dreams is not really the way. Here I remind myself of picturing my old dreams and sticking to it because burying them somewhere deep isn’t how dreams come alive. Those blank canvas needs me as much I need them.

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Reenave I feel identify with your story. Sometimes, i feel i give more attention and energy to other things that are important but not so much as my own dreams and i put them for later and later. Lately, i feel the mood to put everything away and focus just on what i really love to do!Do not stop working on your own dreams! <3

over 3 years ago

kanchize ❤️🤗 so true

over 3 years ago

hjennifert Con un like es suficiente... Entra en el link que te dejo a continuación y apoya mi proyecto conjuntamente con @paramocafeoficial y @urijijami https://www.urijijami.com/dreams/5ae6360c7c5f6a5c8063e720Jennifert Hernández

over 3 years ago

kanchize Beautiful thought …revisiting my self after 3 years

3 months ago