Mar 08, 2021

Women Impacting Nigeria @WINFOUNDATION is a Female run entity for women’s rights, gender equality, women empowerment in Africa. Their main goal is to be the generation to end extreme poverty, defeat injustice and inequality and end the climate crisis.

With only 1 dollar donated you can change the reality of million of kids and we'll tell you why.

WIN have a project called “The Back to school project” with the propose of rise funds to help send 1000 girls go back to school. We believe that education is pivotal for success and we want to equip these kids with tuition, uniform, school shoes, school bags, stationary, text books, transportation and feeding to provide them quality education.

It’s a world in which at least 65 million girls are out of school and are more likely to die in childbirth than she is to finish primary school.

You can contribute on @WINFOUNDATION dream called “Back to School Project” https://www.urijijami.com/dreams/5e62b77a5bdd070c218b268c
We count on you. Become a Winner! #makesocialimpact #beawinner

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