Mar 08, 2022

We accepted a big challenge, and as team, we made it!

This week we had the big responsability in our hands to reunite the developers community to experience the first presencial Hackaton since the pandemic started. We worked hand to hand with Freecode to achieve this huge event that we like to resume as: 19 young developers, 48 hours of hard work and 1 solution!

We all gathered to give response to a major problem that concerns us all: the healthcare and medication access to people with degenerative diseases such as cancer in Caracas, Venezuela.

The city that day by day give us new growth opportunities, is the same where people suffers from shortage and misinformation which don´t allow them to get treated properly. We know face to face this hurtful situation and decided to give it a solution using our skills, knowledge and expertise. We used the code to give people a response to their needs.

In situations where guarantee is not given to us, we must step up, think how to make things happen, build the strategy and ACT.

We counted on the help of collaborators to play the role of mentors to the developers in subjects as Design Thinking, UX-UI Design and Elevator Pitchs, furthermore, the presence of a great panel of judges and referents of the entrepreneurial community. Claudia Valladares, Angel Márquez, Reinaldo Valbuena and Luis Sarmiento, all of them successful and social-centered people.

We gave this huge issue to our voluntary participants and they responded with valuable proposals that were made in the course of 48 hours designing experience for the users, developing code and creating a viable and scalable business model.

We are more than thankful with these young developers for believing in the social impact we can create using our talents and proud for the proposals we received. We proved that we have the power of creating the Digital world we want to live in, and most important, that we can get freedom through the Code.

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