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Frequently asked questions

What does URIJI mean?

Uriji / Urihi - comes from the “Yanomami” culture and language, it refers to open spaces for everyone, whose use is shared by a series of different beings.

What is URIJI?

URIJI is a social network, where you can post upcoming projects, knowledge and life experiences, connect with other users around the world so they can contribute.

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Can I be part of URIJI?

All people, social organizations and brands are welcome on URIJI.

Where can I download or find URIJI?

URIJI is available in the web, as: You can also download the app, for free, in the stores: PlayStore and AppStore.

Up until which Android or/and iOS software version does the mobile app work?

Android version 4.4

iOS version 11.0

What can I post on URIJI?

You can post content referring to services, anecdotes, projects, offer products and more. We identify these posts as: “Dreams” and “Stories”.


It means projects, wishes and/or initiatives that you wish to accomplish in a time period, without limits or reach requirements. This is because you can update the deadline to achieve it.


Is the set of moments, experiences and knowledge acquired in your life - personal and professional - that should and can be shared.

Can I add multimedia content to my posts?

You can add multimedia content to your posts and attachments to the stories you post.

It can be: photos, videos, audio files in a mp3 format, documents in a PDF format and YouTube links.

These files will be seen in a free carousel and/or in the “attached files” section.

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How can I monetize on URIJI?

You can monetize through your experiences, knowledge, abilities, skills and upcoming projects.

You just have to make sure you activate the “contributions” button in the flow of the dream post and set an amount in (USD$) to your story.

What is the URIJI Wallet?

The URIJI Wallet is a wallet that comes with your user, where all the contributions, sent and received, come together within the network.

Through the URIJI Wallet, you can go and withdraw money through the PayPal address you give. Also, you can make transactions with URIJI users and see your available balance.

How to add a PayPal account?

To add a PayPal follow these next steps:

1. Go to the "Settings" section

2. Click in "Withdraw Account"

3. Write the email address of the PayPal account that you wish to add.

4. For security, write your URIJI password in the following field.

5. Add the verification code sent to your email associated with URIJI

6. Done!

Can I edit my posts?

You can edit your posts as many times as you want. These are the steps:

1. Enter the post you wish to modify

2. Select the drop-down menu " ፧ "

3. Click the "Edit" option

4. Do your modifications

5. Click the "Update" option.

6. Done!

Once you edit your post, it will go to the URIJI’s “Recents” content.

Can I share my contents to other social networks?

You can share your content in the social networks you want, you only have to enter the post, select the drop-down menu “ ፧ “ and click in the “share link” option, you also have the option “Share” which is for other URIJI users.

Important: your content, when is shared to other social networks, it can be seen by people who don’t have a user in the network. Nevertheless, to interact or make any kind of action in the post, they have to create an URIJI account.

What are the ratings?

The ratings are the value a user gives to the content or description of a post. It verifies the quality of the content, the relationship with the user, especially in the case of services and products.

The more ratings your post has, the bigger your reputation will be on URIJI.

Important: The final rating of your post is the average of all users who rated the content.

What are the bookmarks?

The “Bookmarks” section works as your “favorites” tab, where you can see in detail the unlocked stories, dreams you contributed and the content you want to read later.

You can add posts "to read later" to your bookmarks, this way:

1. Enter the post you want to read later

2. Select the bookmark icon and automatically will be saved in your record.

3. If you want to remove it from your record, in the post, select the bookmark again and it will disappear from your record.

What are the categories?

The categories are an ordered classifications of the content posted on URIJI. This tool will allow you to personalize the content you want to see in the home screen of the app, according to the theme of your interest.

Each post you make will be classified to a category automatically, thanks to the artificial intelligence, according to the description of your dream or story.

What is the potential?

The potential is a motivating factor that we added on URIJI, it increases depending on your posts, interactions and transactions on the network.

The more potential you have, the better reputation and more confidence to other users on the platform.

You can see the progress of your potential in your profile and know how many points you need to reach the next level.

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I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you forgot your password to log in to your Uriji account, follow these next steps:

1.- Go to the "Log In" screen

2.- Click “Forgot password” or go to this next link:

3.- Add the email address linked to your account.

4.- You’ll get an email.

5.- Follow the steps that will appear on the screen to change it.

If you still have issues you can contact us through:

How to change my password?

If you logged in on URIJI and wish to change your password, you’ll have to:

1.- Go to "Settings"

2.- Click "Change password"

3.- Fill the blanks that will appear on screen.

4.- Confirm the action by clicking the blue button "Change password"

How to report inappropriate content or spam?

To report inappropriate content or spam, you’ll have to follow these steps:

1. Go to the post you want to report

2. Select the drop-down menu " ፧ "

3. Click the "Report" option

4. Explain the reasons why you decided to report

5. Click the "Send" button