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Yesterday was a day to celebrate the realization of dreams: Alexandra Braun made it to the Burbank Film Festival in California as her movie “UMA” was nominated for Best Foreign Film.

During this special day, Alexandra shared her experience with all the URIJI community trhough our Instagram account @urijijami. We had an amazing takeover of this special day and today we want you to enjoy the story in our home platform URIJI.

The celebration started the night before, in a pre-party offered by Mimi Lazo, an amazing Venezuelan actress and close friend of Alexandra.

“I remember when Mimi told me ten years ago you should act and now ten years later we are here in Los Ángeles, California talking about memories and dreams!” shares Alexandra.

At 10:00 a.m. in the morning the screening of the movie UMA took place. It was the start of an unforgettable day. Alexandra had the opportunity to share with the movie cast and the media during the red carpet prior to the movie.

The next was getting ready for the ceremony.

“How did I achieve my dream? With preparation, dedication and focus. A few minutes of thanks are always important before you leave home! :) Feeling happy because in just minutes we will be in the Final Gala.” -Alexandra before the Gala

The Gala was a beautiful ceremony where the winners received their awards and the magic of movies was celebrated and honored.

The most amazing moment of the night was when “UMA” won the prize for “Best Foreign Language Feature Film” and Alexandra, accompanied by the multicultural cast of the movie went on the stage to receive the prize! Woo!

But, what does a prize really mean?

A prize is a celebration of hard work. A recognition of the passion you live by when you love the things you do. An opportunity to share your art and mostly, to inspire others to achieve their own dreams.

“The best advice: being humble, hardworker and happy person! 🌹keep your dreams and work for them!”

Congratulations Alexandra, you’re a source of inspiration!👏🏼✨✨✨