Jan 06, 2019

Many gods
Many religions
Many languages
Many colours
Many shades
Many subjects
Many innocent
Many political
Many real
Many fake
Many news
Many people
Many man
Many woman
Many rituals
Many arguments
One life
One country

In India we all have learnt to live with many different people and many cultures in peace and immense respect for each other but some times a different side erupts in the so called 24 x7 news channels.
At times I feel it’s all so made up and at times I believe everything I see.

A temple, in Kerala, never allowed women to enter as a age old practice... took revolution after cms verdict for letting women in the temple.

Purification of temple is a common practice but after 2 women entering purification of temple was done that surprised people. shocking is 2019 and such news.
Just btw
I am half parsi and have seen this since childhood
Doesn’t make any difference in my head.
Just a recent news that i heard that there is one fire temple now allowing half parsis.
I might plan to visit someday hope I don’t turn a reason for their purification of temple 🙈
Or be in headlines of news next day

India in short is Totally screwed up in the name of god


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