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Jan 23, 2019

Today is a special day for studio KD
We are today registered as private limited company we are now called Kanchize design studio private limited.
I am sharing my story today of how it all started and how we got this name. Thanks to Uriji the name has an interesting story too. Do catch up and leave us comments it will be super encouraging for me and my team! Thankyou to everyone who crossed our paths and shaped us. 😇🙏🏻

Here is my story:
It all started from Unilever in 2010, I was with Unilever for my Post Graduate course's final project.
This usually is a 6 months design trainee post which went for about 2 years for me.
I was doing a research project with Hair care category Back then I dint knw it was called Innovation project.
As an intern i was blessed with all the cool facilities an intern gets for example no one really bothering me in my work = not paying much attention to Kaccha Limbu, and thats exactly how a baby project became a giant project... I had all my freedom, heart and soul given for the project. But as the project shaped up it started drawing all the attention and politics too. With plenty of roller coaster rides in the 2 years journey the project was launched in India. Little did I know then, It was the very first Indian innovation product done for Dove.
My first Design Patient was registered.
It was that time when, I was no longer a trainee but I was not even an employee and I had not even decided to be an entrepreneur. It was that corssroad of life where I pushed myself to cross imaginary and unnecessary barriers. I formed my design studio as a proprietary firm immidiately after my grad project was done.
I kept taking up similar projects and continued working .... the title kept changing in these 2 years from trainee to consultant to design studio ...and ya people kept changing with projects ofcourse.

Years past i kept taking up projects that found me ....its been 8 years now the i continue to work on similar projects of innovation projects and the next title change is observed in 2019 23rd Jan... we are today called as kanchize design studio private limited.

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