marketing does not mean manipulation

Apr 02, 2019

Marketing does not mean manipulation.... get it right people! Marketing can be done by 3H which seems missing from the books of business... let me spell those to you 1.honesty 2.humanity (H2H) 3.humble (hand in hand with its eco)
Think of some bands u know which are almost 150 years old.
Maybe google search to see the marketing material of these brands... look at the branding packaging ads ... these will definitely look primitive .... limited by the skills of production of that time. But look at the ideas in them they will mostly be very very honest truth about the brand. I have pears and Vaseline brands in my mind. And I think the ads world of these 2 brands were more around product truths than anything else ... very direct. And it connects thru a story that’s the humanity point. Very important to look at the product in our day to day context and so is this point 2 it connects human to human and therefore makes it compelling.
The next point is humble - to its eco which means a brand/ product impacts other businesses ... basically it forms a cluster of other businesses that thrives on your brand. Marketing can be such that allows one to be humble to all these other businesses in its eco. Let me give you an example. Giving credits to the printer/ painter / agency/ studio/factory/manufacturing unit on ur product/ film/ packaging is like being humble to your eco businesses.
Marketing can involve these 3 H very consciously to improve TRUST and gain love and attention like very few brands in the world have attained.
These 3 H were very important in olden days and it reflects in all the heritage brands those were and are the brands of principals and stronger values before numbers and figures. These days some of the family runned businesses hold these values strongly and as a designer I feel more visible and heard working for such brands. And this is then transferred into the brands products/ services ... unfortunately business schools talk about these things very less where as it’s the most important and main funda of marketing and business.
There is a lot to learn from the primitive times... maybe because the instincts were very strong then and as we go ahead in timeline the evolution is taking us far from the sciences we already had inbuilt in us.
Don’t let ur DNA loose these values. Because if it’s in you it will get transferred in your work and the world will run on wonderful principles.
Don’t try to be manipulative be honest humble and more human !
Manipulations are needed when u missed considering one of the Hs.
Some times anti deal fundas are the ones that makes the deal just because it’s brutally honest, humble and connects to human instincts.

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