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May 18, 2019

Hi here is a story which will make you think in many directions and many lessons.
Once in a small resort there was a summer army camp for kids. Which means bunch of kids from city enrolled to come to a remote resort where they will get a small experience of military training ... small tasks were give to kids throughout the day , and discipline was the main learning point of this camp.
Their parents were briefed about all the activities and treatment kids would get in the 3 days camp and the biggest selling point for parents was that the kids will learn to obey and will learn to take orders ... that’s “the dream discipline behaviour “every parents on earth are anyways looking for. However they would be a little worried if their kid will be able to cope up with such strict environment and treatment. The fees for each kid was too high.... which also indicates that the kids who have come to the camp are coming from a very comfortable and pampered environments and are going to face the opposite for the first time. Hence neither parents nor kids nor the camp conductors know if everything will ge as expected or what exactly to expect. It’s first time for all. All that brings confidence to plate is that the parents have trusted camp owners to do a good job and are willing to take up this deal.
Day one was tough... but yet all was fun as the excitement and energy was high. Kids were slightly prepared on what to expect from the camp ... but they were not prepaired for what was to come in diet discipline. At lunch time kids were briefed that they will have to eat a special diet which is very simple dal and roti and some vegetables that promised high vitamins and minerals but they don’t taste any great, no wastage policy and also no junk all the candies, chips and biscuit packets they got to camp was taken away. Kids were disheartened hearing this news. They ate food which was served with lots of efforts... some kids avoided eating vegetables and managed with plain roti. There were a lot of sports activity for kids and diet is extremely important if incase kids avoid eating meal it can be a problem ahead during the day as the kitchen was meant to prepare only 3 meals on a certain timings and then no special demand will be entertained. Eating on time and right quantity was hence important.
Camp trainers were doing a gr8 job by making sure every child has eaten right and they were strict about their rules.
Kitchen people were surprised how roties were all over and vegetables almost half quantity left. Every step was the learning step for all the 3 stake owners.
Over all kids performed well on day one ... and now the day 2 prep has started at 4.30 am in morning. Kids were to go for a short trek trail in morning....and by the time they come back by 5.30 kitchen was suppose be ready with brakefast. Eggs milk and parathas were served. Kids ate well as they came hungry from the trail. Mid day meal was not accepted by the kids... it was eggplant and roti. Now the stress level rises all the 3 stake holders are hoping to turn the situation around. But all efforts in vain. Rules were not changed and kids who decided not to eat were given no leeway. The energy in activity and in mood dropped. But as evening meal was served everyone know new to eat what and when it’s served or there is no other way .... kids figured their hack ways of filling their tummy even if the food is not yummy. Day 3 starts everything has not got in rhythm .... by now all the 3 stake holders are feeling confident that the rules are absorbed well. Food wasn’t a big deal this day. Just that the kitchen team was exhausted making so many roties ... they were totally surprised how kids preferred eating plain roties. Since day 3 was the last day of training... night was celebration time kids were to prepare skits dance poems and a lovely bonfire get together starts at 6pm. Now no one is in mood of eating boring food so the debate started again. Kids got to know that the kitchen is preparing for dinner and it’s Karela that’s bitter vegetable. They all revolted together and everyone was rethinking what to do. The camp conductors decided to go with the flow and change rules for this night ... after all last night. They announced it will be Maggie (junk packet noodles) for dinner. Kids were in seventh heaven hearing this... they were jumping with joy, kitchen was happy too as they don’t have to make entire meal especially roties... just 2 min instant noodles came to rescue to both the parties.
I was wondering why did the camp trainers took this decision ... it was totally against their own policy. The whole point of kids getting this kind of training was going in vain. But then I got to know ... next day parents were to come to resort to pick their kids up and there was a little feedback session at the gala lunch gathering which was planned.

The twist in the tale is that pampering kids once in the entire stint was a part of the plan. The only variable was that if and how big the demand will be and when to pamper.


This was a part of the plan. And the best part is that giving this treat just a night before parents come in becomes an additional benefit... let’s see how.

Day 4 gala gettogether and feedback session is on with parents. And all the feedback we’re having something in common. The news of Maggie noodles had already reached to parents as the kids felt that they achieved something as a treat and on their demand which is totally unexpected for kids and parents both. This excitement got transferred in parents as they felt confident that the kids were in safe hands .... they were strict but not that strict the camp trainers had a heart for kids demand and they fulfilled it dispite of being in a remote village were Maggie is not available. Parents praised the camp trainers team and the kitchen team and were very very happy with the warm hearted treatment their kids received. Basically the trick won parents heart and overcome their biggest worry of how the child has taken this strict treatment camp. The results were awesome. It was a win win situation for kids, parents, camp trainers, kitchen everyone.

What did we learn from this story ?.... do share your learning’s in comments section.

Here are a couple of my Take aways :

how one decision can bring in happiness for many people even if it was anti policy.

a little treat in trick must be allowed ;)

Can’t wait to hear your take aways 😃

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