I am Dib (My resume)

Aug 10, 2019

(Sorry for my English. I am not good at it)

A few years ago I had a dream: To create a fanpage where I would write and freely share my view of the world.

The travel has been long and more than one time I have thought about giving up because of the uphill that it can be, but step by step my fanpage has become not only the place where I present my view of the world but also the window to the reality that all venezuelans live in our country. And I am pride in what I have achieved.

During 2014 I documented with photos and stories on my fanpage how was the life of those who protested against the regime that have been implemented in Venezuela. I deny false information (fake news) that came from various groups with the intention to raise awareness about the value of the truth, the value of the information not misrepresented, and the world’s need for good and fair people willing to fight for what’s right.

This work has not been easy but I firmly believe in a country form by citizens, I believe in fighting for what is good, I believe in a better Venezuela. And I try to be an example of those beliefs through my fanpage.

Several times I have tried to describe what my fanpage is but it is as complex as trying to describe myself because I am my fanpage, I am each of the words I write, the stories I tell and the chronicles of my beloved Caracas city. I am the gentleman of the oranges and the man of the yellow bucket, I am the one who walks with bare feet and who prays for the photographer who saved her from the crossfire.

I am each of the faces and feelings that harbor my paragraphs, I am the memories and the yearning of a country that only exists in the memories of those who loved it. I am the victim of a shot with a shotgun in the head, I am the child soldier and the kid who stopped a thief in Altamira. I am Dib.

My fanpage is my Despotism, the place where I speak freely about everything I think and live and remember, the home where the sparkles of the Venezuelan spirit live and the den where lurk the fears and resentments that we carry. The place where my readers turn to confirm or deny a news, where they write when they want to talk about international politics or the anime they like, where the meet of Fridays to play videogames and spend the night laughing at an improvised karaoke, where they find texts that make their blood boil of fury just so that minutes later it will be cold by the tears that my stories cause… the stories that millions of Venezuelans share.

As Louis XIV once said, “Despotism is me”. And I have grown more than I ever thought possible.

Today on my fanpage we are more than 30,000 people scattered on Venezuela and the planet; Venezuelans and people from other countries alike believe in a world of consciousness, a world where the values of our families are reaffirmed by example and not only by speeches, a world united for the greater good.

Today, 7 yeas after this story began, I can say with a smile on my face “I made it, and I keep doing it every day.”

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