The most popular depilation methods

Apr 25, 2022

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Unwanted facial and body hair can be a serious obstacle to a happy life.Fortunately, today cosmetology has an impressive list of tools, techniques and methods to get rid of excess vegetation for a while and even forever. One of the methods of dealing with hair is hair removal, the price of which depends on the method that is used.

Depilation is a hair removal procedure in which the impact is carried out directly on the patient's hair, and the hair follicle is not affected at all. This is the main difference between depilation and another method of hair removal - epilation.
Types of Depilation
You can do the depilation procedure on your own, but professionals will perform depilation as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible, choosing for the client the method that best copes with his problem. In beauty salons, the following types of depilation are performed:
• Chemical means. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of epilators for any skin. The funds are popular, as they make it possible to quickly get rid of unnecessary vegetation. The disadvantages of this method include a high likelihood of allergic reactions in patients with sensitive skin, as well as a short effect.
• Shugaring. Unlike wax, there are no ingrown hairs left on the body after hair removal. For the procedure, a special paste is used, which is heated to a warm state, applied in small parts to areas of the body, gently rubbed from top to bottom, and after the composition has solidified, the resulting film is removed with a sharp movement. The rest of the paste is easily washed off with warm water.
• Electric epilator. With the help of this small device, powered by electricity, hair is easily removed from a variety of places. With the help of an epilator, depilation of the intimate zone is carried out, the price of which is affordable for everyone. Since the hair is removed from the root, you can get rid of unwanted hairs for a long time. The only drawback of this method is the soreness of the procedure, especially strong discomfort can occur when depilating the armpit area.
At home, a razor is more popular, but with this method of removal, hair appears the very next day, and the effect of the procedure does not last long. In addition, when new hairs grow, they become excessively stiff, which can irritate sensitive skin and cause irritation.
Since each person is individual in their physiological characteristics, there is no universal depilation technique that would be equally good for all women.

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