Uriji Jami Ltd. is a partnership organised under the laws of England, having its registered office in London. Its purpose is to develop a social network, with a worldwide scope, that motivates people to share their stories and dreams to achieve connections through projects, interests, people, and companies. The platform is available under iOS and Android systems (hereinafter referred to as "Uriji", "Network" or "Platform").

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Access and usage of Uriji, including the content, products, software, feeds, functionality, and services provided in, from, inside or through Uriji (collectively referred to as "Services") shall be subject to these

Terms and Conditions,

Privacy Policy, as well as any other policy found on the Platform. Therefore, please read carefully the Terms and Conditions before starting to use Uriji.

When you (i) open an account, (ii) click to accept, or (iii) accept the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy when prompted to, you accept to be obliged thereto. If you do not wish to accept these Terms and Conditions or any other policy published on the Network, you must not access, nor use Uriji.

Even though we can try to notify you whenever important changes are made in these Terms and Conditions or any other policy published by Uriji, you should check from time to time the latest updated version. Uriji may, at its sole discretion, modify or revise the Terms and Conditions or any other Policy that we post on the Network at any time, and you agree to be subject to such modifications or revisions.

In case you have any questions on the content and the scope of the Terms and Conditions, you can contact us at

Usage and Creation of Account

Minimum age for access and payments

This Platform is provided and is available only for users aged 13 years on. Any person under 13 years of age who uses the Network must have the permission of his/her parents or representatives. In order to contribute or withdraw funds, other restrictions may apply as to the age or the need to have the permission and supervision of his/her parents or representatives.

Account Creation

To access the Platform, you must create an account and provide accurate and complete information on the user's profile, such as name and surname, username, email, country, profession, birth date, password, and expressly accept the Terms and Conditions posted on the Platform.


If you choose a username that infringes the Intellectual Property rights of someone else or if you steal his/her identity, Uriji has the authority to refuse it in case any user in or out of the Network, who is affected, reports it. This option will only prevail if it is demonstrated that s/he has a legitimate interest in any of the Intellectual Property rights allegedly infringed.

User's Liability

The user is the sole responsible for the activity in the account and must keep his/her password secure. Although Uriji shall not be held liable for losses caused by the non-authorised use of his/her account, the user may be held liable for the losses of Uriji and others due to such non-authorised use. In case you have knowledge of any security breach or non-authorised use, you should give notice to Uriji immediately through

Account Deletion

Whenever a user considers that s/he is not going to use Uriji at all, s/he may request the permanent deletions of his/her account. Please consider that this deletion does not have a recovery option. This means that all the information contained in Uriji's account will disappear and it will not be possible to recover it. Moreover, deleting an account means that it shall no longer be visible for other users in the Platform. The account cannot be deleted when in the wallet, the user maintains a credit balance, unless s/he gives formal notice through the following email address, that even though s/he knows the available balance in his/her wallet, s/he wishes to continue with the account deletion process.


User(s): People within the Uriji community, who use, create a profile, post stories and dreams, interact among each other through private messages and comments, qualify, block and unblock content and make contributions.

Content(s): Attached files, videos, audios, links, images, multimedia, and description.

Related Content: Automatic posts on the network suggesting being similar to the content accessed by the user.

Recent Content: The latest posted content.

File(s): Document, link to YouTube or multimedia content uploaded to a story.

Story(ies): Posts focused on telling life experiences, moments, recommendations, ongoing projects, meetings, undertakings, and other.

Dream(s): Posts that tell about next events, the future, projections, and projects to be finished.

Contribution: Monetary action, in USD, performed by a user in order to:

A - Contribute to a dream or to unblock stories.

B - Activate the contribution option so that others in the network support you.

Contributors: The person who makes a transaction within URIJI.

Wallet: The section where all contributions made by users converge within Uriji.

Received: the funds received by the user.

Sent: The funds sent by the user.

Withdrawal: The action of taking out funds from the wallet to the PayPal account registered by the user.

Qualification: The value a user assigns to the content or to the description s/he acquired.

Comments: Public messages sent in the posts in the network.

Messages: A channel where users can communicate directly, in private.

All You Can Do On Uriji

In Uriji, users can post stories and dreams; interact among them through private messages or public comments and qualify the story, which unblocks, according to its content and material, audio-visual experience, and description. In Uriji, the contribution option can also be activated by blocking the content and assigning an amount in USD so that other users are able to unblock them. Likewise, the user can make contributions by activating the Contribution option to allow the Uriji community to contribute economically -a minimum of USD 1-, to his/her dreams.

The network also allows you to share stories and dreams with others within Uriji and in other social networks, by just copying the link of the post. In this way, it allows to reach more people.

Content Blocking and Unblocking

Who can block / unblock

Only Uriji registered users can upload attached files to the stories they post. The user has the option of blocking this content by assigning to it an amount in USD, minimum $1, or keeping free access.

Minimum Contribution and Reference Unit

Users who decide to block the content of any story in exchange for a contribution must fix a minimum contribution of $1 to be unblocked. The reference unit will be displayed, always, in dollars of the United States of America.

Notifications for content unblocking

Once the story is unblocked, both the user who acquires it and the person who offers it shall receive an automatic notification as proof of the contribution made among them.

Limit of a story unblocking by the same user

The same user can be unblock only once. However, the user who posts the content in his/her stories may add both as much multimedia content as s/he wishes and update it as many times as necessary. Once the additional content is added to the story, each user who had unblocked will be notified automatically through the platform.

Files that can be added to a story

Uriji offers users the option to upload several multimedia contents in the stories.

Public Content

Stories created on Uriji, and which have not been blocked by the person who posts them is User Generated Content (UGC). This means that the content the user chooses to post in the platform is no longer private.

Responsibility for the transferred content

Users who have decided to contribute to unblock the content of a story have the responsibility of analysing all files transferred searching for viruses and malware. Uriji does not take the responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the Platform, content or quality of the transferred files.

Content Deletion

Grounds for deleting content

Uriji may delete content in the stories, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Illegal or fraudulent content.
  • Content that infringes copyright, trademarks or any other Intellectual Property right pertaining to Uriji, to any other user or being the property of a third party.
  • Pornographic, obscene or inappropriate content.
  • Violent content.
  • Deceptive content.

Content Reporting

In case any Network user is affected by the post of any content with these characteristics, s/he can report it immediately by using the form designed for such purpose. The Platform does not supervise the posted content.

Content Ownership

Users state that they are the owners of the Intellectual Property rights on the content posted in Uriji or that they have posted them under licence from their ownership holders or any other person having authorisation for so doing.

Licence in favour of Uriji

With the sole purpose of allowing Uriji to make the content available through its service, users grant a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, sub-licensable licence to reproduce, distribute, reformat, store, and display publicly its content. Keep in mind that when you upload content, third parties can copy, distribute, and display it by using tools available in their computers to that end. The purpose of this licence is strictly limited to allowing us to provide and promote memberships for your clients.

Ownership of Uriji Content

Uriji is the owner of all the contents in the Platform created and registered by it, such as marks, logos, patents, copyright, computer programmes, and trade secrets. Some examples of our content are the text© and layout© of the Platform, the Uriji® trademark, logo®, commercial slogans®, and our codebase©.

Licence in favour of users

Uriji grants users a licence to use its trademark Uriji®, logo, and other copyright to promote their account on the platform. Otherwise, users may not use, reproduce, distribute, perform, display publicly or prepare works derived from the Uriji's content, unless we give users our permission in writing.

Activation of Contributions

The user may activate contributions within the creation flow of a dream to allow the Uriji community to contribute economically to support a project or make a dream come true.

Minimum Contribution and Reference Unit

The minimum contribution by users is $1 each time and the reference unit will always be shown in dollars from the United States of America.

Notification of Contribution

Once the user receives a contribution, both the user who receives it and the person who offers it, will receive an automatic notification as proof of the contribution made.

Methods of Contributions

The methods to make contributions between (i) the user who blocks a content in his/her story so that another user can unblock it for the amount determined by the person who offers it, as well as (ii) the contributions made through the activation of the contributions option by a user to allow the community to contribute economically to his/her dreams are through (i) a PayPal account and/or (ii) the Wallet.

PayPal Account

Therefore, users wishing to make a transaction in the Platform should have a valid PayPal account or enough funds in his/her Wallet.

Allocation of Contributions

All contributions made through a user's PayPal account shall be directly allocated to the PayPal account under the name of Uriji. Uriji shall credit the amount in favour of (i) the user who acquires the story content or (ii) the person who activates the contribution option, -as the case may be- in the Uriji wallet, where all contributions made in the platform, both received and sent, shall converge.

Data Collection

Therefore, when making or receiving a transaction, the user authorises Uriji to receive the full amount shown in the transaction. Additionally, the user gives his/her consent to us to collect the data and store them together with any other information related to the transaction.

Percentage per Transaction

For each transaction between users in the Platform, Uriji will retain 10% on the agreed amount.

Wallet Balance

The wallet may be used to generate a balance in the user's favour. Consequently, within the platform, the user may use the available balance in the Platform as a method of exchange to contribute as s/he may wish.

Choices for the user regarding the balance

As a result, once the contribution is received in the Wallet, the user may (i) keep it in the wallet, (ii) make other contributions in the platform with the balance in his/her favour or (iii) s/he might withdraw the funds from the Wallet to his/her PayPal account, previously detailed in the Platform.

Nature of balances in the wallet

Uriji is not a bank. Hence, Wallet balances are not deposits and do not accrue interest. Therefore, wallet balances are not insured by any other entity or public or private insurance plan. The balance in Uriji wallet does not expire.


Liability for contributions by mistake

Uriji does not take responsibility for any transaction made by mistake, nor is it obliged to return the contribution made.

Contributions linked to the platform's content

Platform users can only contribute to unblock content in the stories or to make a third party's dream come true. In that sense, no user shall make a transaction or otherwise transfer electronic amounts that are not related to the content of a story or the contribution to a dream offered in the platform.

Contributions linked to the platform's content

Platform users can only contribute to unblock content in the stories or to make a third party's dream come true. In that sense, no user shall make a transaction or otherwise transfer electronic amounts that are not related to the content of a story or the contribution to a dream offered in the platform.

Prohibition of different methods of payment

In any of these two cases, if the user asks for a different method of payment, please report it immediately to our assistance service through, as Uriji cannot be held liable for any situation arising out of the platform.

Cancellation of Contributions

We can cancel any transaction if we consider it infringes this document. Additionally, we can cancel any accumulated, transferred or allocated balance in the wallet whenever we verify it was made based on a fraudulent or illegal behaviour.

Delay in Contributions

In order to avoid any possible economic loss, either in your case or in our case, we can delay a payment, limit the methods of payment of a transaction, and restrict your capacity to make a payment or disable your account.

Contact with the issuer of contributions

To avoid any possible economic loss, either in your case or in our case, we can get in contact with the issuer of the method of payment or with affected third parties (including other users) and share with them the details of any payment you are related to if we consider that in so doing we can avoid possible economic losses or any infringement of the law.

Liability for contributions

You understand that if you start a transaction with a third party, and you have a dispute in connection with the goods or services you may have acquired or with the contribution you made, we have no liability in relation to such goods or services underlying the transaction or to the way in which the third party used the contribution. Our sole responsibility is to process your transaction.

Notification of non-authorised contributions

If you think a transaction has been made in your account, which is not authorised or is problematic, you agree to inform us immediately.

Intervention of Uriji in conflicts between users

We may intervene in conflicts in connection with payments between you and a developer, but we are not obliged to.

Information needed for notifications

When using the Wallet, you accept we contact you electronically if we need to give you important information in relation to your contributions or your account. To send you information, we will use the email you have provided us. Notifications that we send by email will be considered to be received within 24 hours after the time of sending.

Users' Conduct

Uriji community users are responsible for all activity in their accounts. Therefore, Uriji may disable the account in case any of the following conducts are found:

  • Illegal Activities Infringement of the law or inciting others to infringe the law.
  • Abuse: Harassing or intimidating others or promoting violence or hatred towards others.
  • Personal information: Distributing personal information of others or abusing thereof.
  • Fraud: Publishing false or misleading information.
  • Identity theft: Using another person's account or allowing others to use his/her account.
  • Username: Creating an account to prevent others from using the name or selling it.
  • Intellectual Property: Infringing Uriji's Intellectual Property rights, those of users or of any other person, even if s/he does not belong to Uriji community.
  • Spam: Sending spam to others or distributing unsolicited advertising material.
  • Malware: Using Uriji to host or distribute malicious or destructive software.

Account suspension warnings

Additionally, Uriji can send a warning or disable a user's account whenever it verifies any of the following situations:

  • Breach of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or any other policy posted by Uriji in its Platform.
  • Misconduct and/or inappropriate use within the Platform.
  • Sending messages with disrespectful, abusive, inappropriate or violent language.
  • Repeated Warnings or Complaints.
  • Lacking delivery of the content of the stories offered to Uriji community upon making the transaction for the agreed amount.
  • Inappropriate use of comments, messages and qualifications.
  • Whenever Uriji is in need of deleting the stories content when the user infringes the platform Terms and Conditions.

Report of conducts that breach the Terms and Conditions.

Those users affected by any of the conducts mentioned in the foregoing paragraph or by any breach of the Terms and Conditions, may report it to Uriji through

Period to process the breach

Within the next seventy-two (72) hours after receiving the report, Uriji will contact the affected party to inform him/her that the report is being processed, as well as the user who posted the content reported to request further information on the conduct or the right s/he has to make use of the posted content.

Absence of response by the offender

In case the user does not reply within the following seventy-two (72) hours and there is sufficient evidence showing that the conduct breaches the Terms and Conditions or the person who reports the breach has a right over it, Uriji shall send a warning or proceed with disabling the user's account if it is confirmed that the conduct was serious.

Actions in favour of the alleged offender.

In case of an eventual disabling of an account, if the User feels affected by such decision, s/he may contact Uriji in order to explain the reasons for his/her discomfort. In any case, Uriji shall always have the authority to send warnings or to delete accounts when there is sufficient evidence showing that the posted content breaches any of the conducts mentioned or any provisions set forth in the Terms and Conditions.


Users are responsible for paying any direct or indirect taxes, including the VAT or any other, as may be applicable to them according to their place of residence or location.

Limitation of Liability

Uriji, its associates, agents, employees, partners, founders and directors shall not be held liable under any circumstances, within legal limits, for damages, loss of benefits or consequential damages, or special damages, either direct or indirect, including, but not limited to, and without limitation, damages due to the impossibility of transmitting or receiving data, commercial losses, among others. Uriji's total liability for damages must not exceed in any case the amount of one hundred U.S. dollars (USD 100). The aforementioned limitations shall be applied, even if the redress fails to comply with its essential purpose.

Neither Uriji, nor any other person associated with Uriji warrants or makes any statement regarding the integrity, security, reliability, quality, accuracy or availability of the website.

Applicable Language

Uriji platform may contain translations driven by third parties. The external provider disclaims all warranties related to translations, express or implied, including any guarantee of accuracy, reliability and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular infringement purpose.

Translations hereof are provided to meet the requirements of local users and, in case of any disagreement between the English version and any version in other languages, the former shall always prevail insofar as it is not contrary to local regulations. The law within its jurisdiction.

Relationship with Uriji

Your relationship with Uriji shall be limited to that of an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner in a joint venture or Uriji partner for any reason. Moreover, you shall act exclusively on your own behalf and interest, and not on behalf or interest of Uriji. Uriji shall not direct nor control, nor shall it be considered to direct or control the actions you take or your behaviour within the framework of these Terms.

End of the relationship with Uriji

The Terms and Conditions shall still be applicable until its termination upon the user's request or of Uriji's according to the following provision.

If the user wishes to terminate the contract with the Platform, s/he may do so by closing his/her account.

In addition, Uriji may invalidate this contract in the event it stops providing the Services in the country of residence of the User from where you s/he uses them.

Dispute Resolution

Uriji encourages users to solve privately any claim that may arise. If for any reason this is not possible, please contact for help.