Rosa Leon Fandino


I'm Rosa.
I am a woman, daughter, mother, wife and Venezuelan of birth. As many compatriots I left my land in search of a better quality of life. This is part of my history as a migrant. I have been fortunate, I have not touched walking or sleeping in the cold as many of my Venezuelan brothers are doing at this time. With these passages I just want to tell a little of what I have lived and learned the last five years. Maybe what I need is to exorcise demons of sadness, helplessness, yearning and sometimes loneliness; Or I just want to give thanks because the circumstances have taught me many things at this stage of my life. Whatever the reason is through these passages where I found a way to do it and I hope someone will read and understand me.

I have two dreams: one is to help this walkers who are walking from Venezuela until Peru through Colombia and Ecuador without money. My people is suffering a lot and I know what it is to immigrate, but at least I had more opportunities than them, so I can contribute in any way to help them. If you can help me in this I will really appreciate for the rest of my live. Thanks in advance.

My other dream is to write stories. I will love to write kidds stories and books, if the people can pay a dollar for my books I will be veru happy because that means they like it.


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